Autumn Beauty Of Hunza Heaven

One of the most beautiful place on earth is Hunza valley Pakistan. It is situated in Gilgit region of Pakisrtan and is at more than two hour drive from the Gilgit city on Karakoram Highway. This valley have an elevation of 2500 meters and is situated on north/west of Hunza river. Hunza is the most popular tourist destination in Pakistan. It spreads on 7900 squar kilometer with a number of famous peaks with more than 6000meter height. These Peaks include Ultar, Rakaposhi, Diran, and ladyfinger.  

People and Land Of Hunza

Valley of Hunza have severe winter and pleasant summer. Water is rich in minerals and fruit trees like apricot and cherry is common. so the people are generally very healthy and famous for their long lives. Scenery of the area is spectacular and have a bit feminist and romantic touch.

hunza girls

Hunza Evening

Hunza Beauty


Autumn in Hunza valley

Autumn colors are more fascinating than the monotonous green in summer. Autumn of Hunza considered best in the world after William town in U.S.A. There are shades of every color from red to green and from yellow to red. But red and yellow are most dominating. Color of Hunza river water in winter is bluish green and produce amazing effect the the vibrant colors of autumn.

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