Mastering Landscape Photography

Most of the time in landscape photography horizontal shot is preferred, that is why horizontal format is known as landscape format. But this is not the rule.

Shooting Vertical

Considering elements in the scene, it is most of the time photographer’s personal choice whether to go for the horizontal or vertical. Flowing water streams or winding roads and high peaks often incite an artist to shoot vertically.

indus river thal desert water fall river kashmir

Shoot In Both Format

It is wiser to use both formats in landscape photography especially when you are living in digital era where there is no running cost for shooting lots of frames. Professionals mostly did that even when they were using costly film media. Most of the time magazine covers need vertical shots and even books accommodate vertical shots with more ease. You can tilt your camera in 90 degree by your tripod head of or more professionally you can by an L-plate which can be used by quick release bracket on your tripod. Just release the camera and change it from horizontal to vertical.

village landscape
verical landscape

neelum valley kashmir Neelum Valley

Shooting Horizontal In Landscape Photography

Horizontal choice is very much natural as our eyes see the world horizontally. We are using horizontal pictures as wallpapers on computer screens and also on billboards. For hanging pictures of the landscape photography on the wall, horizontal is the norm. Scenes with vastness and depth are extremely suitable for horizontal shorting. For example a vast plain with lot of flowers in the foreground and snow-capped peaks in the background makes perfect choice for horizontal shooting.

Borit lake hunza landscape photography neelum valley hunza karimabad minapin village nagar hunza

  Squire landscapes

In very rare conditions squire landscape are also look attractive but this is an extraordinary situation and must tried when you think the elements in the scene demand that.

Saiful maluke lake river ravi


      Finally it is the artist who can better decide what to choose. Still it is important to mention that in vertical format scenes with vertical leading lines look more deep and creating a feeling of mystery especially at dusk and dawn. On the other hand a horizontal choice can give a sense of space and vastness in the landscape photography.

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