Vanishing Beauty Of Kalash Culture In Pakistan


Vanishing Beauty Of Kalash

Kalash valley Pakistan in Chitral is unique in its cultural beauty.  These valleys are situated in the beautiful mountains of Hindukush.They are rare people and surely an endangered community due to multiple factors. Kalash culture and people show love for all people and each other. Their language is Khowar which is rich in literature and is spoken in most areas of the Chitral but do not have common written form. The music of the valley is rich and mostly in khawar language. ‘

Religion of Kalash people is similar to the primitive Greeks who worshiped gods and goddesses. Many of their gods are animal deities and their idols are erected in the streets. These are mostly horse and goat mouths. Some human figures of wood are also found in some areas.

There are three valleys of Kalash people known as Bombret, Rambor and Barir. Total inhabitants of these valleys are less than 4000. They are are under immense pressure of extinction due to many factors. Most important factors among these is the rising tourism in the area. There is no control over hotel construction. Rich investors are making huge hotel buildings which are not only devastating the beauty of the area but also destroying the business of local small hotel owners. Many companies like PIA and TDCP using kalasha people for their ads without any compensation. Many religious organization are working there to convert these people into their faith. Among these many christian and Muslim missions are active. Lives of Kalash people are really miserable due to these factors. Security threats are recent menace due to rising wave of religious terrorism. Tourists misbehave during their festivals and authorities have no system to protect kalash people. Hotel owners buy fuel wood and other commodities at high rates which are becoming unavailable to the local people. There is a need for immediate attention by the  Government authorities to save this unique community from extinction.

















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