Patterns And Lines In Landscape Photography

Have you ever notice that a landscape with leading lines always attract more than without these. Leading lines and patterns make the photograph looks more balanced and give more depth to the scene. Scenes with these elements and more inviting and interesting to eyes. There are many ways to add lines and patterns to your images.  

 Furrows in The Fields

    Furrow lines in a field in the mooring or evening’s dramatic light looks so pleasing that it make an ordinary shot extra- ordinary.  This looks more dramatic in misty and foggy environment. 


 Human Beauty In A landscape

A human subject moving through these lines can attract more focus of the viewer.  

Patterns Of Modern Structures

 Some ugly modern structure can be used in an intelligent way to produce stunning results.For example some time you cannot avoid power poles and wires from the picture. So use them in your picture with some unique composition and you will come out with excellent results. 

Pattern Made By Crops

Patterns made by crops at different ripping condition can be used as a foreground or as a dominating part in the photograph.

One thing has to remember. Patterns and lines always work in the images at morning and evening when the shadows are long and produce a 3D effect. Lines entering or leaving the scene are more  effective than oblique lines.

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