Use Of Strong Foreground To Get Best Landscape Pictures

best ladscape pictures

Upper Naran is beautiful and this point just before the jalkhad looks a piece of heaven.

Best Landscape pictures

While shooting landscapes one must consider for including some interesting foreground to get best landscape pictures. Suppose you  are shooting in a location with extremely dramatic sky. It is very obvious that you are attracted by the sky and may ignore the interest in the foreground. That can be detrimental for your overall picture. Viewer starts from the fore ground and interesting and dramatic foregrounds always lead towards more interesting elements in the picture. Foreground may be a rotten, old log, a big stone, a flowering bush or a  rattling streams with green and sapphire  waters.

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Awesome Landscape Beauty Of Neelum Valley In Pakistan

best pictures asia

Taobutt Kashmir Pakista

A interesting character like this lady in red can attract the viewer more than any other element. The color in the foreground is very important. Red color of the lady and of leading fence of the bridge make this image extremely interesting.

best landscape pictures

Mystic Mood

A walking person in the fog make the whole scene alive. It has created a whole story and viewer remain engage in the scene. An interesting character like the man the scene with face away from the camera have created an impact of illusion for the viewer. He ( the viewer ) entered the picture with the man in the pictures and starts exploration without finding the the way. This is the beauty of the image. A row of trees is escorting the man and creating some leading lines.

best landscape photography

The Fisherman Returns

This Is a classic way of  using foreground to create an interest in the picture. Use wide angle lens is most appropriate for this type of photography as these lenses have very high deep depth of field. In a good landscape  every element must be in good focus. That can only be achieved by tightening the aperture, using tripod and a wide angle lens.

best autumn pictures

Autumn Colors

Plant leaves in autumn are mostly used to attract the viewer in autumn season landscape photography.

best landscape pictures

Village Life In Asia

In rural landscape one can include elements like bull carts , doge and farmers going for work in the fields.

Best landscape photography

Young Fisherman In The Morning

Lilly flowers are best elements to include in the foreground of landscapes while shooting on the river banks.

best landscape pictures in asia

Taobutt Neelum Valley

A hut on the way with a snaking trail leaving may be the best way to engage the viewer. Without an interesting foreground a scene looks incomplete as is the case with pictures having no sky. So to get best landscape pictures one must be very vigilant and be careful that one element may not shadows the other.

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