Fog is considered as bad weather by most of the people and even photographers consider it as gray and dull and non conducive for shooting. But for me it is all a different story. I love to shoot in the fog and when ever I see fog in the morning through my room window I just jump out of my warm bed and go out for shooting even in sever cold. Shooting in fog and mist is a bit tricky but results are mystic, moody and creative pictures. Here are some important points to keep in mind while shooting in fog:

1) Exposure-  Always shoot one stop over.

Fog looks dull but more reflective and most of the time fool your camera sensor to underexpose. If you shoot at normal program mode then you will end up with dull under exposed pictures. Set manual exposure on your camera and always shoot one stop over for more  dramatic pictures.Bracketing by 1/2 and 1 stop can also work and is more safe. Do not use flash light and shoot in natural light. Flash light just act like a head light in dark and will ruin the overall dreamy effect.

2) Composition –   Keep an Interesting Subject in The foreground

An interesting and strong subject in the foreground will lead the viewer in fading distance and will create a feeling of mystery and illusion. Picture of just fog without any interesting subjects in the foreground are considered worthless.

3) Using Street Lights and vantage point

In urban areas sometime street light can create dramatic effect but that depends upon the thickness and temperature of the fog. A subject emerging out from the fog with lights on back can be a stunning image.Your vantage point is more important, at what angle you are shooting. Head on shots and with angular light with streaks of light gave fine images.  Another important point is that fog is like flowing water and continuously remain in motion. It flows in bumps and lumps so you have to be very clever and selective in shooting.

4) Choice Of Lenses while shooting in fog

My personal choice is medium tele which can produce dramatic effect by moderate compressing effect. But wide angle can also be very useful and creative as you can make your foreground subject more prominent and strong. A long tele may work excellently for a patch of fog on a hill top illuminated by back light with. So choice of lens is very much personal and it depends on your creative ability and choice of situation you exploit. Filters mostly not recommended for fog and may ruin the original effect.

5-Watch out in fog

Shooting in fog is like shooting in rain. So you have to be very careful about your camera. Always keep lens cloth with you and wipe out the mist from your lens front. Take precautionary measure to save your gear to become damp and short circuiting. keep in a small electric air blower to blow out fog around the camera.Do not change lens in fog otherwise it may cause irreparable damage to your gear.

Please enjoy some examples of fog and mist from my album.








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