macro photography of spiders

A spider on the leaf of wheat plant in the morning light

Spider And Dewdrops


Nature photography is a passion for every photographer who love nature. Spiders are obviously the best subject in this regards.

Spiders are illusive creatures and it is tough to shoot them in morning with dew. I searched a lot in the wheat field and find this spider sitting on a leaf with dew drops all around. I just managed to get this shot. Early winter mornings are best time to get amazing macro shots like this. You have to rise very early in the morning otherwise light becomes very harsh and dew drops lost their shape. Harsh light just ruin the pictures. If you want to shoot some perfect exposures then go for a shade that can be achieved by some translucent paper or a thin white cloth. In macro photography reflectors are a must item and can balance a very angular light of the morning.

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