Have you ever face a situation where you got an excellent shot and get some unwanted lines and wires at some hot points. Some time you can not avoid these unwanted elements. So the solution is to remove these in Photoshop . Here is a short tutorial for beginners in Photoshop to do the job.Let us take an example of the picture by one of my Facebook friend Ayaz Ahmad .Photoshop is providing many solutions to this situation and choice is yours. It depends upon your expertise and skills in the software. Here I am explaining the simplest way of removing these ugly looking objects by using “patch tool”. This is for the beginners and any one can handle the situation very easily. Following are some basic steps:

Step 1

Open the document in Photoshop, zoom in it and select Patch Tool.


Step 2 –

Select some part of the area with wire roughly. No precision is required. And do not select whole wire at a time.


Move the selection in the adjacent wire free area by holding the left button of the mouse.


Step 3 –

Repeat the action for the whole wire in steps


If you got some spot or wrong selection then undo it and try again. You can clean your images using this method by removing shoppers , toffee wrappers, disposable bottles etc which are abundant now on most locations.

Here is the final image

I have done a rough work and as you become more precise and do the work in bits, results will be more accurate.

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