Sensational Photography Of Horses In Action

Horses in action

Horses In Action

World over people love to see horses in action. Horse is among the most beautiful and graceful animals. Galloping horses in rugby races , in polo matches and in tent pegging sports are a subject of immense importance for the photographers. In Asia raising horses is an elite hobby and most landlords keep horses for race, dance and tent pegging. Polo is another popular game being played on the back of horses. In some more remote areas of Asia like Baluchistan in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, a game name Buzkushi is also being played in which horsemen fight for a headless goat. Here are some incredible pictures of horses in action which mostly I shoot during my assignments on tent pegging from different village fairs in Pakistan.

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horses grace

young horsemen

dancing horse

a dancing horse

tent pegging in asia

Great dance of horse

galloping horse

horses in the light

Graceful horse riders


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