Portrait Photography And A face From Asia

face of a mystic man

A Face From Asia

Asia is a land of mystery and mysticism. Mystic people have a great diversity in their appearance. I was visiting a village fair when this man of wisdom appear and attracted me at first sight. I asked a permission to have shot of him and he permitted happily saying that I am very photogenic. Surely the man was having extremely satisfied and attractive face. His eyes have special attraction and face was full of stories. Light was just perfect for portrait photography.

Some Tips for Portrait Photography:

1- Avoid the use of flash for natural artistic portraits. Studio portraits are an exception.

2- Have a little chat with the subject.

3- Ask permission before shooting

4- Give some room to your subject for breathing and never shoot too close.

5- Use a lens with focal length  in between 70 to 90. In most of cases 85 mm is best.

6- Use your lens aperture wide open

8- Make your subject relax by a conversation

9- Be creative and try some bold poses and angles.

10- Try to shoot candid. Candid portraits have more feelings and are more natural.

11) Focus must be on the eyes of the subject which the most important among all points.

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