Parked Boats on a Lake in a Cloudy Mystic Morning.

bots on the river

Cloudy Mystic Morning

The sky was dull but with clouds and blue light for a change.We were there after breakfast and the air feels fresh. We’re prepared to shoot in this mesmerized environment on rive side.. A small seasonal lake was not too far off that is the place we were going to begin our days shooting. I was with my two dearest friends, all nature lovers and photographers.

The ground was slippery on the way to the lake but not very tough. we drove our car almost up to the bank of the lake. The lake looked amazing not too far off, with its consummately level surface. Encompassing it were trails of smoke ascending to the sky originating from the nearby fishermen’s huts.

We started looking for the best perspectives to shoot the parked boats. we had never seen such a romantic morning. Landscape was so fascinating and enchanting. Parked boats added a strong foreground in the pictures. This one is my favorite.

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