Nature Photography And Art OF Camouflage In Insects

nature photography

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Nature Photography

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There is a always a survival game going on in the nature and nature photographers try to photograph this phenomenon in an artistic way. Art of photographing an insect in its natural environment is the key element in the modern day nature photography. Most insects try to fade out in their natural environment and some have mastered the art at a perfect level.They have to defend themselves against predators and camouflage is the best strategy.  One have to be very keen eyed to search and locate for such subjects. These creatures are clever enough and to shoot them require extra care and patience. Please enjoy some of my picture  of nature photography  during the last few months showing the art of camouflage in insects .

nature pictures

Crab Spider


nature photography

Grasshopper On An Old Tree


best macro photography

Butterfly Camouflage

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