Mystic Man from the Shrine of Sufi Saint Madhu Lal Hussain

sufism in south asia

Mystic Man from Madhu Lal Hussain

Madhu Lal Hussian was a sufi saint of 16th century in Lahore which was in India at that time and now the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan. Shrine of Madhu Lal Hussain is still the center for saints and malangs of all parts of south Asia. They gather there on festival of lights being held on 27 to 29th of March each year in Lahore in Baghbanpura near Shalimar Garden. While shooting in the shrine I noticed this face which attracted me a lot. I ask for a shot and gave me pose with a smile. His name is Mehmood and have great skill in mystic dance called “Dhamaal”

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