How To Master In Creative Photography OF Flowers

creative photography

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Creative photography

Flowers are the most exposed subject in photography after sunrise and sunset. To get some different and creative photographs of flowers one have to be apt in photography techniques and Photoshop. Colors and toning is very much arbitrary and depends upon  the choice of the artist.Here we are discussing some simple tips to create art images in flower photography.

Use A telephoto lens or macro lens

Telephoto lenses are best for creative images of flowers as these are giving very shallow depth of field and produce stacking effect and make the flowers and vegetation looks closer together. These shots of flowers look more pleasing and attractive.

Use Of Macro Lenses

Macro lenses are best for flower photography and most photographers use these lenses to create different creative effect. Differential focus is a technique in which one can focus a single element in the flower like petals or an anther and left the rest [part of the flower out of focus. Thaty creates an illusive effect and viewer feels a hidden delight in searching through the subject.

Toning In Photoshop

Photoshop is a tool for creative artist to create tones and effects of their imagination. That software gives an immense liberty to create different colors and tones which looks more pleasing and incite the esthetics of the viewer.

Add Some Life

Searching some insect or spider while using macro lens and a bird in case of telephoto lens wold help to make flower pictures more interesting.

sun flower bird


Crab Spider

yellow rose

Yellow Rose

blue flower


creative tones

Yellow And Green

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