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Beauty Of Mollusca in the Wild

Mollusca is a group of arthropods with amazingly designed shell by the nature. Snails and other moluccans are some of the popular subject among the nature and macro photographers. When the animal emerge from its shell in the moist conditions to feed itself, it looks very elegant and graceful. It moves slowly so a bit easy to shoot. While shooting a mollusc or any other arthropod, composition is the main consideration as it will make or break your shot.  This particular image is taken in an March evening when there was enough moisture due to last nights shower. I set out in search of some subject for my evening photography and have a mood for shooting nature. I just sit down near a small sugarcane plant where I had spotted a shelled creature. Withy little of disturbance while I was settling, the animal went in hide in its shell. I waited till it got out of shell and starts creeping with care and in search of some food for scraping from the leaf of sugarcane plant. I press the button when it was at perfect position on the leaf.

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