Kalash Valley And Beauty of Kalasha Culture In Pakistan

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Memories of Kalash Valley: It was not a long time ago when I was floating in dreamy and magical clouds and cool breeze of northern areas of Pakistan. I have visited so many areas. Some are stuck in my mind like a puzzle. The beauty of northern areas has no match, Kalash Valley is one of them. Some memories are long lasting especially the mornings and evenings spend in northern areas. It felt like chilling breeze was permeating in the bones.

“My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature.” – Claude Monet.

Life in Kalash Valley:

Kalash or kalasha people have the most unique and extraordinary culture in the world. At least 5,000 Kalash people live across three small valleys in the Hindukush Mountains. it is situated near the city of Chitral In KPK province of Pakistan.


Cultural Values:

Their cultural beauty and customs are amazing. As these people are considered as descendent from Alexander the great and living in these valleys from thousands of year.

kalash culture

This society is totally different from the culture of Pakistan. Their one person’s roof is the corridor of another person. It felt like we are climbing on a tree house while visiting the staircases of this culture. Wooden window frames, front stairs made of massive stones and villages surrounded by glorious green mountains. For us, this is unusual as houses were closely connected as well as their hearts. They have something that our modern cities lack.

Few lone adventurers like me travel to these valleys every year. Where very low places for accommodation are available like private houses or some shops and some rustic hotels in Bumburet. So settle in what is available there.

“Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.” – Cesar Chavez.

Location of the Kalash Valley:

Kalash Valley is one of its kind and one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan. It is located in District Chitral, province of KPK here is located on the map. Also, Its culture is very unique and dated back thousands of years. The kalasha people living here are from Dardic Family of Indo-Iranian branch. Kalash language is called Kalasha. This whole valley is surrounded by Hindukush mountain range.


This valley is has its own prestigious cultural values and pleasant beauty of its atmosphere. Kalash valley weather is so pleasant that’s why thousands of people from all around the world visit this valley.

Customs of Kalash Valley:

These people have very distinct customs from other communities of Pakistan. So they are one of the hundreds of minorities in Pakistan. The Kalash people and Kalash culture have a strict code of customs and religious quirks. They are the mythical tribe described in Kipling’s “The Man Who Would Be King”.


Kalash people wish to restrict marriages outside these valleys because Kalash people’s religion is different. Cost is very high for fulfilling this requirement of culture. Because they have a low population rate so that’s why they have a little choice. So either they have to marry out or invites outsiders, Muslims to marry in.

House customs:

Kalash men and kids look after the goats in higher pastures and Kalash women take care of domestic chores in the lower valley. They divide their family homes into three zones. It is suggested that you should saty only in kitchen, garden or in your room. The air of the valley is crisp and in summer tinged with the perfume of summer flowers and wild herbs.

kalash culture


In most of the festivals, the sound of drums could be heard in the whole valley. Young Kalash men and Kalash Girls wearing colorful traditional clothes dance together. Men at the party enjoy homemade liquor and wine.

kalash valley festivals

Famous Food items of Kalash Culture:


Bread which is common part of foods.  You can enjoy “Tikki”. This is a bread baked on coals in a specific mold. This is the part of breakfast. You can also taste, Khesta, Rishiki, and Phulka variations which are served with honey and cheese.

Dry Meat Dishes:

Roasted mutton is mostly used in these valleys seasoned with salt. It is called “Rondijhzu”. You will enjoy mouthwatering “Taaw Kahak” which is a very delicious and crispy roasted chicken. “Taaw Machi”, is the cuisine which contains brown and rainbow trouts.


Soups are also famous and healthy which include tasty and vast variations like “Chitrali noodle soup”, “Kalli”, Lajhaik (like Kashmiri hareesa), “Leganu”,  “khhamalogh” and “Kawirogh”.

Some Traditional Dishes:

The traditional dished of Chitral are, “Ghalmandi”, “Qalaibat”, “Shroshrp” and “Pushur Tikki”.

Transport and Road Conditions:

Small patches on the way to Chitral are messy and bumpy with the narrow road which consumes more time. Road to Dir is fine latter you have to worry some narrow and uneven patches. After Chitral, you have to hire Jeeps as road become really nasty and the journey become slow. But dont worry these jeeps are managed properly for these roads. Otherwise it would be very difficult tor each there.

Famous Places:

Birir Valley:

It is a small and beautiful valley. It has the lowest altitude in all three valleys. it is located 45 Km from Chitral and it is up to 2 hours of drive on a bumpy, dirt road. There are fewer meadows here as compare to Bumburet. These valleys are not so open. (Biri Travel Guide)

Rambur Valley:

It is the 2nd most beautiful valley in Chitral district and Kalash region, here mountain ridges high, rivers are wider. This the end of high ranges of valleys here Nuristani people have some villages where people have red hairs and Armenian features. (Rambur Travel Guide)

Bamburat Valley:

Bumburet valley is the largest of the three valleys. This valley has sparkling streams, apricot and walnut trees, shady meadows and a wider range of mountains with the diversity of green fields. Here hotels are available but mostly oustsider are running them so economically not beneficial for the valley. Almost 9 miles from here a route begins which leads towards the Shawal Pass. This is one of the highest points in these valleys. This route is also called ancient silk road which is covered by high cedar trees and high ranges of mountains. (Bamburat Travel Guide)


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