Kalash Valley Map

A complete Road Map to Kalash Valley:

By Air:

Flights from Islamabad to Chitral Easily available and operate daily. It will take approximately 50 minutes to reach Chitral and later you can hire a jeep for the Kalash Valleys.

By Road:

Islamabad to Kalash Valley Distance: Approx. 14-17 hours of Travel Time (500 km)


Detail Route Breakdown:

Islamabad via M1 -> Rashkai Interchange -> Mardan -> Dargai -> Malakand Pass -> Batkhela -> Chakdara -> Timergara -> Dir -> Lowari Top/Tunnel -> Darosh -> Chitral -> Kalash Valleys.

A road between Darosh and Chitral leads to Kalash Valley. Kalasha Valleys have the following Locations to see. So you can enjoy their Lanscape and scenic beauty.

  1. Chitral  -> Bumburet:    Distance (40km, 2 hours)
  2. Bumburet  -> Rambur: Distance (10 km, 45 minutes)
  3. Bumburet  -> Birir:        Distance (30km, 2 hours)

Best time of the Year to visit:

During the spring Season the weather of these valleys is nearly unpredictable. As rain and snowfall are common here. Winter is not a good choice due to harsh weather conditions so ways can be blocked by snowfall. The ideal time to visit these valleys is from June to September. As at this time of the year temperature will be normal.  Also 2nd reason is that you will be able to witness some great festivals at this time of the year and study the culture of these valleys.

So enjoy your tour with these guidelines if you ar planing to visit these heaven like valleys and best of luck if you have any questions you can post here in comments.

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