Kalash Valley Festival: Famous Chilam Joshi festival

Chilam Joshi

When the summer Season arrived people of Kalash celebrated this festival of Chilam Joshi. For honoring the summer and abundance of dairy products. This festival is a message of peace for the world. It’s an opportunity for the people of remote areas to watch and enjoy the true spirit of Kalash culture and traditions. People from all around the world arrive here to enjoy this festival.  Mostly tourists after attending this festival want to rejoin it every year because it is unique in its nature.

Why they celebrate it?

In this festival people of kalasha valleys pray for the safety of their fields, animals and then distribute the meat and dairy products among the loved ones.

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They are very fond of music and dance so they celebrate this festival on the beats of drums. Which can be heard in the whole valley. Both men and women take part in these cultural traditions. They make circles by joining hands and enjoy these moments with music.


That’s why Kalash valley is famous in music and dance festivals. These people are unique in their culture and also known as the most relaxed, loving people in the world. They are living a calm and relaxed life in this place. They are very connected to nature and they mostly celebrate this connection with celebrations of their festivals at different times of the year. Also by this method, they thanked God.

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Chilam Joshi is the most famous festival in this valley. This is celebrated every year in the month of May from 13 May to 16 May. According to their belief, God protects their herds in summer that’s why they celebrate the Chilam Joshi festival to thank God.

Some Other Festivals of Kalash:

Some other festivals of Kalash people which they celebrate in different times are following:

  • Uchal festival ( August 20-21)
  • Phool Festival (mid-October)
  • Chaumas festival(December 7-22)

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