How To Frame A Picture In Landscape Photography

landscape photography

Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is one of the leading form of photographic art. One thing must be very clear that framing a picture is not a technique but an art. There are no hard and fast rules for creating outstanding composition that make your landscape pictures dynamic and artistic. But still there are some basic points which one have to keep in mind while shooting a landscape to make a picture aesthetically and technically perfect. Following are some tips in digital landscape photography which I personally keep in mind while shooting on location :-

Point Of Interest In landscape Photography

First thing you must do in landscape shooting is to look for a point of most interest in the scene. It may be a rock or a bunch of flowers or  an animal grazing or a human figure etc. That point of interest must be at a key point which is mostly  foreground. Keep that object of interest at one or other corner of the scene. If there are more than two subjects of equal importance then try to make a triangle, two objects in the foreground leading towards an interesting object in the back ground as shown the picture of lake saiful maluke with boats.

winter morning

A farmer is heading towards his fields in a fine winter morning

THE FARMER #002Saiful maluke copy

Diagonal And Curved Lines

Using diagonal lines and curves lead the viewer to a more interesting point and the eye of the viewer feels ease in roaming in the scene. These lines may be curved road or rattling stream, it may be a line of trees or a bending trek. Diagonal leading lines always considered a very powerful positive point in landscape photography. Also read use of patterns  in landscape photography.VILLAGE LIFE#00140 (89) kashmir-sardari

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Frame Out Of Frame

Light condition is very important while composing a picture. If the sky is interesting and land is finely lit then a full landscape with bright foreground and dramatic sky is the answer. But in case of dull or over bright sky and excellently lit foreground ,the answer is frame out of frame. You have to scarify  the sky. You will surely end up with a great image.

naran jalkhad road

This looks very pretty image but I was not satisfy with the condition of the sky as compared to the dramatic  light on the river and meadows. so I decide to make a frame out of frame.

NARAN DREAM-6IMG_3071 copy 4

 Rule Of Third

For a typical landscape rule of third is used and many a time landscape photography is impossible without following this rule. Rule of third means either you have one third of sky and two third of land or vice versa . Decision is yours, if the sky is more interesting then keep the sky two third in the picture and if land is interesting then foreground must be two third. If both land and sky are interesting then give priority to land.

0 (126)0 (118)MUREE-2

Frame Within A Frame

Natural framing a landscape picture can creates very interesting results. These frames like tree branches, rocks or tree trunks are very useful in creating some stunning pictures. Keep the pictures natural and never try to overdo the rules. Try to make spontaneous decisions and experiment with different compositions.  Any picture which looks pleasing to the eyes and move the viewer is a good picture what ever composition it has.

0 (107)GREEN

Landscape photography is establishing itself as a strong art form with creative compositions and breaking of old rules intelligently.

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