Natural Beauty Of Halmat _ Karimabad Village In Neelum Valley Kashmir

If Atourist want to see the world’s best landscape, he must have to visit Neelum Valley in Kashmir.

Wonder of natural beauty, Neelum Valley Kashmir, is about 200 kilometers long and extremely picturesque. It is situated to the North & North East of Muzaffarabad. It runs parallel to the KaghanValley in KPK province of Pakistan. Both the valleys are separated from one another only by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000 meters above sea level. Valley is rich in scenic beauty, have panoramic views, have high mountains and  lush green forests and enchanting streams.

One of the most beautiful part of the valley is the Halmet village. It have houses with classic construction of wood and logs.
It is about 38 km ahead of Kel, is a fascination yet unexplored. Janawai, and Sardari are the most attractive places near the village. There is a a tourist rest house had been constructed a Halmat which provides good facilities to the tourists.

Halmat in Neelum Valley is like a gem in the ring. After kel it is the most important village. Village also have an inter college. Halmat may be the central point to visit upper Neelum Valley. Tourists can visit Nikron , Karim Abad and Tao Butt village which is famous world over for its natural beauty.


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