How To frame A Picture

Here in this article I am going to discuss some very quick and to the point photography tips which one must keep in mind while composing and shooting daily life.

* Know Your Camera

Make a habit of reading your camera manual frequently. Keep your gear with you while reading different functions in the camera and try to perform and practice on these.

* Take Lot Of Pictures With DSLR

There is one the the biggest benefit of DSLRs is zero running cost. You should have a memory card of reasonable size. Shoot when ever you find some time. It is like practicing music or learning driving. You must know the functions of your camera and must be able to operate it with ease.

* Develop The Habit To Form Imaginary Frames

There is always some activity going on around you and as a creative person you must have to develop a habit of making some imaginary frames in your mind while observing that life. If you develop the art of seeing the things, half job is done. Understand your subject’s movements and possibilities of shooting from different angles without disturbing him.  Try some low and high angles.

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