How To Capture Elegant Nature Pictures

NATURE pictures

Shooting Best Nature Pictures

Those who love nature definitely like nature pictures. Capturing some stunning nature photographs is both a science and art. First of all you must know the subject you are shooting and the gear with which you are going to expose. A good macro lens is necessary for outstanding images. You can have good images by using reversal ring on your normal lens like 50mm. Following are some points to be noted while shooting nature macro shots :-

* Choose and buy the best macro lens you can afford.

* Shoot in best light. I personally prefer morning light when there is some dew on the leaves and insects. Evening light is also very fine when it turns golden specially to shoot life on the barks of the trees and leaves under the autumn trees.

* There must be no wind.

* Use remote control or self timer. Remote control is best as in self timer the subject may move to ruin your composition.

* Be creative while composing your shoots. Dynamic images are always more attractive and appreciated.

* Use some reflector like a mirror or simple white card to balance the light.

* Be creative in focus also. A shallow depth of field is more appropriate in most of the cases.

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* Bracket your exposure.

* Try to shoot unique subjects with colors and textures on the surface or wings.

* Most important is the background. It must not be distracting or messy and subject should come out of that. The only exception is the camouflaged animals.

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