bull race

Bull Race


Bull race in Asia is like “Formula One” race in Europe. It is thrilling and exciting. At the same time it is a challenging to shot it. Farmers in the season of wheat harvesting remain extremely busy and at the end of the season unwind themselves by holding different rural sports. Bull race is among the most popular in these events. Farmers from far  areas come to join the event and they also bring their bulls to take part in the game. Bull race is a costly game and now fading in some areas due to its high cost and invention of other sources of entertainment like TV and mobiles.

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In the ancient times about 5000 years back when the Indus Civilization was in its bloom, bulls were the only source of logistic movement. Bulls were also used in wars and agriculture. Since then there is a tradition of raising beautiful bulls. Bulls races are also a Dravidian times tradition which is still alive in many parts of Asia specially in India and Pakistan.

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