Razaq vance is a versatile and renowned photo artist. He is from Pakistan- land of splendid beauty and diverse cultures. His photographs are extreme representation of his environment-both geographical and cultural.Hope you enjoy the work.

Personal statement

Old saying that a picture is worth thousand words can be narrated in another way that a picture can speak a thousand words to a thousand different people having different languages. That is why I choose this media to express my feelings to the world. I am from Pakistan…land of K-2 & Nanga Pārbat. I am optimistic and most of time my photographs have a message of hope. I love life & light. God has generously gifted me with an artist’s eye. I am living in country side & enjoying nature. I am greatly interested in nature study & have a “Master of Philosophy” degree in zoology. My study topic was about the spiders. In photography I got a number of honors. Got prizes in most of national salons and a number of international contests. Got two Gold medals in “International Photographic Salon of Japan” and published in “Digital Photographer” magazine-Ukranian edition, as expert on photography in the East. Have permanent collection in number of Art Galleries.


National Geographic stock photographer.

EKATERNBURG ART FOUNDATION “                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 RUSSIA- group exhibition in 100 countries till  2013.

     “PAKISTAN THROUGH A LENS” group exhibition at Red bridge MUSEUM London-

    Group exhibition at Nomad Art gallery Islamabad on women day in 2011.

    Project on “Photography in the East” for “Digital Photographer” Ukrine Edition 2007.

    Medallion in the Asahi Shimbin “67th International Photographic Salon of Japan”.

    Medallion in the Asahi Shimbin “60th International Photographic Salon of Japan”.

    Discussion and comments on the pictures in more than 100 websites and blogs.

    Individual Photo galleries in more than 10 websites.
25 26 27 28 29 Best of Nature ICC Tourism

      A solo show at Alhamra Art Gallery Lahore Pakistan in 2012.

    Publication of a number of photo features and articles in well reputed magazine “Tourism Scenario International”.
    Second prize in the annual member’s exhibition of Islamabad Camera Club (2008).

    First prize in the annual members exhibition of Islamabad Camera Club (2006)

    Certificate of merit in the first Alhamra National Salon of Photography (2002)

    Bronze Medal in the “Photographic Society of Pakistan’s National Exhibition”

    Second and Third prize in Photographic Competition of Gardeners Club Faisalabad. (2000)

    Best of Nature Gold Medal in the 8th Annual Photographic Exhibition of Photographic Arts Society of Pakistan (1996)




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