Best Use Of Natural Light In Black And White Photography

black and white photography

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Black And White Photography

Some time I wonder when people say that bad light pictures should be converted into black and white. Light is a key element in black and white photography and some time even more important than color one. To get best contrast and tonal range in black and white pictures you have to use best natural light of morning and evening when every element in the scene become three dimensional. Mid day pictures look dull and two dimensional as in color. While converting color version into black and white I tone it a bit yellow to get some more shine in the final result. Flat light can only work in some environments like fog and mist. Using filters through software or on camera are extremely helpful and mostly red and yellow filters work nicely to enhance the contrast.

This village women was going back to her home after buying some eatables for her kids. Light was just stunning in the evening and mustard flowers add  some extremely esthetic effect. It was best village life scene to witness showing simplicity and beauty of the village life. Finally I decided to convert the image into mono to show the classic but satisfied way of life.

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