Best Autumn Pictures From Hunza Valley Pakistan

best autumn pictures

Best Autumn Pictures

When you talk about best landscape photography the immediate pictures came into mind are the best autumn pictures. Hunza Valley Pakistan, also known as “Shangri La” a heven on earth,  is famous for its autumn colors and beauty of winter landscape. This enchanting valley is one of the best place to visit in autumn season. Photographers from around the world came here to take stunning autumn pictures with divers colors of nature. Even the lakes and mountains look more attractive and pleasing during this season. Water of rivers become green and lakes become sapphire in color. Hunza is situated in the extreme north of Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. Valley have many majestic peaks like Ultar, Rakaposhi and Diran. Passu cones are amazing and have unique rock formation in the world. Hunza valley is approached by the KKH  or Karakorum highway which was popularly known as silk road. Most of the orchards in Hunza are of apricot, plum and peach. The leaves of these fruit plants become red and yellow in autumn with all the intermediate shades of these colors. Please enjoy here some best pictures of autumn in Hunza Valley Pakistan. The best time to shoot autumn colors in Hunza is the last week of October and First week of November.

best autumn pictures

Hunza Evening

best autumn pictures

Karakoram highway

autumn colors

autumn images in hunza valley pakistan

best autumn photographs



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