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Village Life In Asia

Village life in Asia is simple and beautiful. Villages are small settlement mostly residing in beautiful landscape. Every geographical region have its own style of village life but the main color of life is the same. People in villages are simple and full of life. They are having very few facilities but have a contented heart. Village life is hard in some cases as there are almost negligible medical care. Education and schooling is also  non existent. But people are generally happy and try to keep them busy either in work or play. There are numerous village fairs in these village and most of these are linked with some shrines of saints . Sufism and sufi tradition is very strong in these villages. Artisan like potters do there work whole day in their specific streets. Village life in Asia is worth seeing.

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Mysticism and Sufism Tradition In Villages

There are many shrines, small and large in different villages of Pakistan. Mystic and sfui tradition is very rich in these villages. Sufism and mysticism have many colors and form here. Some shrines do not allow to dance but at most malangs and sufis dance on the beat of the drum to get the rhythm of life.

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Farmer’s life  In A Village

It looks like a scene from some some movie but village mornings are so fictional in look that one can not believe on his eyes. Beauty is beyond description in winter mornings when sun peep out from fog and mist with great warm tones of yellow and red.



village life in Asia

Village Sports

Villagers are people with full of life. Their sports are exciting , thrilling and powerful. Bull race or Suhaga race and bull cart race are a one of popular games in the region. Tent pegging is also very popular in remote areas around river Ravi where keeping horses is still a strong tradition.




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