Art Of Pottery And Potters Of Asia In Pictures

art of pottery

Potters Of Asia

Art Of Pottery

Art of pottery is age old and among the most ancient arts in the world. Pottery started as the need of daily utility of house hold articles. Since then people continue to refine the process of making art pieces from just clay. Great civilizations like Mesopotamia and Indus have rich tradition of this art. Terracotta art pieces are still being discovered from many sites of Indus civilization during excavation. Potters are born artists and their genes have the code for the art. There is no learning institution for the art of pottery in any Asian country for the masses. Some art institutions have done few thesis on the skill but no comprehensive effort been made to flourish the art. Pottery artisans are true artists and have great skill in both making and painting pots. Pots are painted with different designs of trees, leaves, animals and hunting scenes.

incredible asia

a Village Of Potters

potters and pottery in asia

Final Creation

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