The culture of the Kalash folks is exclusive and differs in some ways from the various modern monotheism. Ethnic teams encompassing them in northwestern a part of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They’re polytheists and nature plays an extremely vital and religious role in their way of life. As a part of their non-secular tradition, sacrifices are offered and festivals control to convey thanks for the superabundant resources of their 3 valleys.

Kalash People And Dangers Of Extinction:

Bells of extinction are ringing for the Kalash culture. In the valleys of kalasha in Chitral district of KPK province of Pakistan. These valleys are in a remote area of Pakistan. Its boundaries are connected with Afghanistan. These valleys are popular by the name of “Kafiristan” (the land of the infidels) among the masses.

kalash valley in pakistan

The area of Afghanistan which is connected is known as “Nuristan” (the land of light). These valleys have a unique culture which is centuries old and still persist with all of its elements. Their religion is different from any other in the world and is a form of animism which is perhaps the most primitive form of faith. Now, these people are facing a threat to their existence as the approach in the area has become easy due to better roads and powerful vehicles.

Religious intolerance which is in rising generally in this region of the world is at climax here. Different religious adventurers from the Muslim and Christian faith are trying to convert these people in their way. Tourism has done no better but worst for the area and destroyed the delicate balance established in centuries.

Intruders have occupied the land of locals for making hotels and shopping areas and disturbed the overall fabric of the area. These people are waiting for someone powerful enough to protect them from the immense threat of extinction. Less than three thousands of Kalash are left and their gene pool is depleting at an alarming speed.

Culture of Kalash Valleys:

Kalasha Desh (the 3 Kalash valleys) is formed of 2 distinct cultural areas, the valleys of Rumbur and Bumburet forming one, and Birir depression the other, Birir valley being a lot of ancient of the 2. Kalash mythology and lore have been compared to it of ancient Balkan state, however, they’re abundant nearer to Indo-Iranian traditions. The Kalash have fascinated anthropologists because of their distinctive culture compared to the remainder in this region.
The Kalasha language, conjointly called Kalasha-mun, may be a member of the Dardic group of the Indo-Aryan languages. Its nearest relative is that the close Dardic language. Kalasha was once spoken over a bigger space in south Chitral District, however, it’s currently largely confined to the western aspect valleys having lost ground to Dardic.

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