A Study Of Light, Composition And Subjects In Digital Photography

light , composition and subjects

A Winter Morning

Light, Composition And Subject

Photography is all about the study of light, composition and subjects. Modern day digital photography have ease the function and controls in camera but all three elements in a photograph are as important as in classic time. Early problem in the digital photography was that it looks two dimensional. That was due to less sensitive sensor to light which were unable to record light properly. Sensors are now equally sensitive to light as were the film strips and digital photography has come out of two dimensional era.  Now to have images with great light one has to search for early morning and late evening light. In spring and fall season light becomes extraordinary beautiful with full of golden and crimson tinge. So shoot a lot in autumn and spring. Compose your pictures in a way to make these look alive. Keep the composition simple but creative as shown in examples below. Subjects must be clear and show the sentiments, action and postures in some innovative way.

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Spring Light

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Dew Drops

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Dancing Light

A city in the morning light

Morning In Muree Hills

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Blue Boat

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