A Mystic Morning At Taobutt In Neelum Valley Kashmir

neelum valley

Taobutt is the gem of Neelum valley Azad Kashmir.

 Neelum Valley Kashmir

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TaoButt is the last village on Neelum Valley road and is about 49 kilometer from Kel. The area from Kel to tao butt have amazing natural beauty and is known as Halmat. Taobut have incredible natural landscape with gushing streams and lush green meadows. It is inhabited by loving and innocent people who are extremely hospitable. Here the Neelum river enters into Azad Kashmir and ultimately joins Jehlum river. Taobutt situated near the control line between India and Azad Kashmir. So there is always some uncertainty in life and people generally are poor and suffered due to long war like condition in the area. Tao butt is the gem of Neelum valley  Azad Kashmir.

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