Rural landscape Photography

Rural landscape looks simple but have great potential for landscape photographers. Colors of different crops make it more and more attractive with changing season. For example in the days of early May, the color of wheat crop turns yellow but sugarcane crop looks lush green. Trees start sprouting and add great freshness in the the overall picture.  The question arises how to arrange these elements in the picture. The picture included in this post is the best and classic example of how these elements can be arranged according to the hue and colors. I have tried to keep the lush green tree on one side of the landscape which creating a very powerful prop. Reddish-yellow wheat crop looks amazing in the middle. Classic rule of third is followed. Shooting through a low angle and with wide angle lens at a bit tight aperture is a prerequisite.  Rural landscape photography is a neglected field but by arranging elements properly and using good light, one can produce some stunning landscapes, which can equally contest with celebrated mountain pictures.

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